Becky with children Joe and Michelle.
Who Is NiteBecky?

I was born Rebecca Ann Bonds on December 12th 1948, to William Robert and Thelma Bonds at the Old St. Anthony's in South St. Louis, Missouri. I became a child of the late fifties and sixties, although I do feel I was lead to the Lord through my family especially my parents and my Aunt, Bertha Dougherty; "sis", all who prayed for me and never let me go. My aunt would teach me to pray, tell me the story of Jesus in her own words. She'd pray "Our Father" and teach me Bible verses and the Apostles Creed.

As a Presbyterian, I wasn't really fed alot through our denomination, mostly social-gospel reigned supreme in the sixties. This is why I thank God for a Christian family: a mother who worked part time and was home when I got home from school, a father who spent his nights at home and church, not at the local bar; and an Aunt who loved me like a daughter. My grandparents, were also good to me. This provided a basis for my coming to God through Jesus at a time when I felt all hope was lost in my own life. I am sure the seeds planted by my family were the reason I even understood the Gospel and the reason I was open to salvation.

As a young adult I fought depression and became desperate and confused for a time. God was always there to pick me up even when I was not aware. Because of some disabilities I thought God didn't care, was I wrong. As the "Jesus Movement" became popular, the seeds that were planted took root in my life. I was in a destructive relationship with a non-Christian man. God saved me during this period and I was invited to a prayer meeting with students from Washington University. It was also during this same time that God sent a pastor to our church who was a spirit-filled Christian. His name was Gordon D. Johnson and he explained Jesus in a way I had never heard a Presbyterian EVER explain Jesus before! I also got in touch with the Rev. Larry Rice who presently runs several shelters and ministries with his wife Penny. They also own a Christian Television Station, used for ministry and family entertainment (Channel 24 in St. Louis). God used the above people to bring together what it meant not only to receive Salvation and the filling of the Spirit, but also what it meant to be a practical witness (ie,. helping the "least of these").

I was married to Robert Lewis McClanahan on February 14, 1975. This was a second marriage for both of us. He had a son and I had a daughter, both from our previous marriages. My children are: Elizabeth, who is now 30, and a mother herself to a precious 4 year old girl (Ashley). She is married to Jim Phelps. My second child is Michelle Lynn. She is now 22 years old and will soon become Mrs. Andrew Sinclair. My youngest child is Joseph Lewis McClanahan. He was was born on July 10, 1979. I took care of other children in my home so I wouldn't have to work outside the home. Bob worked 3 jobs to support us all. Things became very stressful and there have been many hills and valleys along the way but God has always held us up, and wouldn't allow these adversities and trials to destroy our union.

Bob had a good job at Kroger, before the company left St. Louis, and at the same time he developed a chronic muscle disease, which would have killed him if he'd acquired it just five years before. Thanks be to God, a new treatment involving heavy doses of cancer medications and prendisone saved his life. This however was a mixed blessing because the drugs wreeked havoc on his knees and joints. In 1991, Bob lost his ability to stand and walk on his own. He has been using a wheel-chair since that time. I hope as I develop my website that I can add many resources for those ministering to the physically disabled or those who must consider any step or crack in the sidewalk before they leave their home.

Yes Jesus has brought us through, and I know He will continue to do so! He promised He'd never leave us nor forsake us. This I believe! Whether I "feel" like it any particular day, and even when I am not at my "spiritual best", I know when I am faithless.. He is "faithful still".

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