Rebecca's Web Awards


StarAngel (Pam) awarded me her Award of Excellence shown below. I am the very first recipient of this award! Thank you Pam you are a wonderful woman and I am privileged to know you. StarAngel (Pam) has served patients who are critically ill and has made their days more comfortable with a greater quality and sanctity of life. I am honored to receive her award and am glad she found my humble website worthy of it. Folks if you have time please visit StarAngel's Genesis - A New Beginning.

This award is given for meeting the following criteria:

Supporting and explaining a spiritual, ecological, or social cause, movement, or dialog by inclusion of original content. Providing a public service on the internet for the dissemination of timely or important information. Effective, creative, practical and organized use of html and/or javascript. Evidence of frequent updating. No broken links, images, or other incomplete information. Having a friendly, welcoming "environment." Promoting unconditional love and mutual understanding, in one way, shape or form. The site is free of advertisements, commercial or otherwise. No major misspellings or grammatical errors. Sites are selected either by application or weekly we surf the web looking for a good candidate.

In Recognition of Dedicated Loving Service
December 30th 1999
Thank you Star Angel!

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